In recent years, companies have been working not only on visual but also on sound style, which becomes part of their brand. To mention at least such a familiar “tudum” from Netflix. Similarly, the Wikimedia Foundation wants to create its own sound logo, which will become “the sound of all human knowledge”.

The contest will be anonymous at first, but then the work of the ten finalists will be released and licensed as Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 before voting takes place in the Wikirepository. The winner will be required to transfer the rights to the submission to the Wikimedia Foundation so that it can be used as a sound logo. Any manipulation of the submission, review, or community voting process is grounds for disqualification, Wikimedia notes.

The sound requirements include originality, complexity (the logo must contain at least 2 layers, textures or sounds that overlap each other). The sound logo must also be unique and different from all other compositions. In addition, there should be no words, and the sound should be non-offensive and not shorter than 1 second, nor longer than 4 seconds. Competitors can submit a maximum of 3 applications per person.

The winner of the contest will receive $2,500 and a trip to a session with the consulting agency MassiveMusic. Also, the winner, like the nine finalists, they will receive a limited edition Wikimedia sound logo ($50).

Details can be obtained at the link: