Paradox Interactive is a unique company, able to keep their mostly single-player strategies alive for almost decades by churning out updates that players love to buy.

We remind that before Europa Universalis IV which came out back in 2013, another, already 37th (if you count cosmetic packs and music) expansion was released – Lions of the North. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the countries of Scandinavia and the Baltics, it is even surprising that this important region has attracted the attention of developers only now.

The expansion includes new tasks and branches of tasks for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Teutonic and Livonian Orders, Riga, Danzig, Gotland, Poland, Grand Duchy of Lithuania. New government reforms and unique class systems, unique units, sprites and music. The cost of DLC is UAH 229.

The total cost of all 37 DLCs for Europa Universalis IV is currently UAH 3,613. And this with 50% discounts on almost all items. But there is an option of subscription for all expansion – 99 UAH per month, UAH 278 for 3 months, or UAH 536 for half a year.