Peugeot announces new electric cars based on the 308 and 308 SW models. As you can logically assume, electric cars are a further development of the main models of the family. The Peugeot E-308 hatchback and the Peugeot E-308 SW station wagon will debut at the same time.

The difference in the design of electric cars and conventional cars of the 308 family is due to only minor changes to improve aerodynamics. Original 18-inch wheels are also installed, and the model designation now contains a stylized letter “E”. In addition, a charging port is hidden under a cover on the rear wing instead of a fuel tank cover.

Similar transformations took place in the interior – everything is familiar, only specific graphics appeared on the displays (battery charging, etc.) and another Brake mode with maximum recuperation was added to the usual Normal/Sport/Eco settings.

However, much more important changes took place inside. Electric cars Peugeot E-308 and Peugeot E-308 SW received a battery with a capacity of 54 kWh, which should be enough for a distance of about 400 km. A 115 kW (156 hp) electric motor with a torque of 260 Nm is installed under the hood. However, no acceleration or top speed figures have been announced at this time. However, it is stated that charging the battery is possible either with a three-phase alternating current with a power of up to 11 kW or with a direct current with a power of up to 100 kW.

More information will become available closer to the start of sales of electric cars Peugeot E-308 and Peugeot E-308 SW which is planned for 2023.