Product IT company EVO, with the support of Visa, communication agency Banda, information assistance from the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, created a marketplace Made With Bravery, an electronic platform where goods manufactured in Ukraine will be sold.

The goal of the project is to unite the community of Ukrainian manufacturers, popularize Ukrainian products abroad and promote the export of Ukrainian goods. This should help the development of Ukrainian business and the reconstruction of Ukraine. The logistics partner of the marketplace is Ukrposhta, which provides delivery abroad.

Made With Bravery

The project also received information support from the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Ofiice, and the national project Diia.Business.

The Made With Bravery marketplace offers items of various categories for different ages and genders: clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods as well as food and drinks that have a long shelf life and can be delivered.

Ukrainian manufacturers who meet certain requirements can sell their goods. These requirements are verified upon registration. In particular, the seller on the marketplace can only be a business entity that has proven itself on the Ukrainian market as a manufacturer/seller of high-quality goods.

First of all, we are talking about brands that are presented on social networks, and have good photos and a description of the product. Manufacturers of unique, authentic things are also a priority. You can find out details about the terms of registration of the manufacturer, placement of goods, and other aspects of joining the community of Made with Bravery manufacturers at this link.

5% of the cost of each purchased item is transferred by the marketplace to the United24 fundraising platform. The special commission of the platform directs these funds to the currently relevant programs for the reconstruction of Ukraine. In addition, when paying with a Visa card, an additional 5% of the purchase price is also transferred to United24 for the support and reconstruction of the country.