After the artificial intelligence generating works of art reached a qualitatively new level, and the picture created by AI won the art exhibition, a heated debate about ethics began in many online communities of artists. Against this background, some art communities have begun to completely ban AI-generated works. This is reported by Ars Technica.

So far, it’s fairly small communities like Newgrounds, Inkblot Art and Fur Affinity. But famous artists are already raising the issue of the same ban on large and very well-known resources, such as DeviantArt and ArtStation.

The emergence of new image synthesis AIs, such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, has sparked an intense online battle between artists who view AI-generated artwork as a form of theft, or at least exploitation of the work of other artists AI trains on, and artists who enthusiastically embrace new creative tools.

Artist communities are at a difficult crossroads because on the one hand they fear that human-made works of art will be drowned by the insane number of robots created by AI, on the other hand, for many AI has already become one of the popular and convenient auxiliary tools.

I wonder how the rest of the art community will adapt to an AI that can create an unlimited number of works at a speed that no human can match? On the other hand, if they are all like that “creepy woman”

What do you think about it?