The site Defense Express received renderings of the future factory of the Baykar company in Ukraine. Despite the war, the Turkish manufacturer of combat UAVs believes in the victory of the Armed Forces and continues the implementation of the plan to create the Baykar scientific and production center in Ukraine.

The idea of ​​building a factory for the assembly of Baykar UAVs arose even before the start of the hot phase of the war, but the Turkish side did not abandon it despite the constant missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine, although the implementation of the project will probably be postponed until victory. But you can look at the renderings now.

It is interesting that in the assembly shop you can see not only Bayraktar TB2, but also heavy attack UAVs Akinci. The latest Kizilelma is not visible yet, but it, like Akinci, uses Ukrainian engines, so it would be quite logical to assemble these UAVs in Ukraine.

Recently, Baykar General Director Haluk Bayraktar visited Kyiv, where he met with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and received the Order of Merit of the 1st degree for increasing the power of the Armed Forces in the fight against the aggressor. According to Mr. Bayraktar, the total area of ​​the Baykar center in Ukraine will be over 30,000 square meters. More than 300 Ukrainian engineers and technicians will work there.

What will the Baykar plant in Ukraine look like? Plus the possible appearance of the Bayraktar TB4 UAV

According to Defense Express experts, one of the renderings of the Ukrainian Baykar plant shows the future inconspicuous strike drone Bayraktar TB4. This drone hasn’t even been announced yet, the latest model that Baykar is working on is an enlarged deck version of the Bayraktar TB2 – Bayraktar TB3.

What will the Baykar plant in Ukraine look like? Plus the possible appearance of the Bayraktar TB4 UAV

After announcing the continuation of preparations for the construction of the Baykar plant in Ukraine, the Russian military promised to destroy it immediately after its opening.

In addition to Ukraine, the Baykar company is going to build a UAV assembly plant also in Azerbaijan. Why not, Baykar drones have proven their effectiveness, so there will be a lot of orders now.