Compared to ordinary monoblock smartphones, folding models have an additional weak point – the hinge. While most smartphones simply need to retain their shape under some non-standard force impact (i.e., just have a solid base), folding models still have an opening/closing mechanism, which complicates the task of preserving the appearance and functionality of the device over time.

Samsung Galaxy Flip4 is one of the most modern variants of foldable smartphones. But due to its relatively small form, there is less confidence that the device can survive some “problematic” situations than with other gadgets. And Zack Nelson’s blog JerryRigEverything exists just to check such things.

Among Zach’s other tests, the Flip4 didn’t surprise me. The device almost did not change the materials of the case and uses the same components that were in the previous model. The smartphone can be scratched just like most others with glass panels and a metal base.

But you should be more careful with the internal display. As with Fold4, Flip4 has a rather “soft” protection of a larger matrix, which forces you to be as careful as possible with it. As before, you cannot press hard on such displays and remove the factory protective films from them. And since over time they will be covered with small scratches, it is hardly possible to replace them yourself.

As for the large amount of dust where a smartphone can, for example, fall out of your hands or pocket, you can be relatively calm here. One-off cases will most likely pass without noticeable problems. This is quite encouraging considering the prospect of using the smartphone for two to three years. Although you still don’t really want to take such a gadget to, say, the beach.

And what you should definitely be more careful with is the hinge. The reverse bending of the case against the intended assembly line showed that it does not take much effort for something to “go wrong” inside. And maybe this is not such a popular case of handling the smartphone case, it is not difficult to imagine a situation in which it will accidentally get into a similar mess. For example, children or pets can easily damage the hinge by accidentally stepping on an open smartphone lying on a couch or chair.

Despite the fact that the device itself remained visually intact and continued to work, the damage to the hinge was unlikely to have passed without a trace, because it stopped closing tightly after that. Therefore, you definitely need to be more careful with Flip4.