The cost of the iPhone 14 in the US has not changed, but some other smartphone-related services have become significantly more expensive. In particular, battery replacement. This was noted by 9to5Mac.

A new battery for the iPhone 13 will cost $69. But for newer iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, the price of this service has increased to $99, or by 43%. This is a significant “boost” in the cost of components.

In addition, it is noted that, of course, not only the American market has experienced such a change in the price of service. In Great Britain, the price of the same operation increased from £69 to £105.

Of course, there is still time until the moment when even iPhone 13 owners from the first batches will need to contact the service. Even more so when it comes to models that have not yet arrived in stores. But in the future, it should be expected that the cost of maintenance for the iPhone 14 will be higher.

And this only applies to new models. The cost of servicing last year’s gadgets currently remains unchanged.

Most likely, the capacity of the new batteries did not change dramatically, and the expected operating time remained at more or less the same level. Therefore, it is difficult to explain the change in the cost of replacing the part now.