As you know, Instagram does not have tools for sharing other people’s posts in your feed, this can only be done with the help of third-party applications. But it seems that the situation will soon change – according to TechCrunch’s information, which Meta’s press secretary shared with the resource, the company plans to soon begin testing the repost function among selected users.

The new feature was first noticed by analyst Matt Navarra, who published a screenshot of his Instagram profile, where you can see the Reposts tab. Most likely, this is where all the Reels posts and videos that users share on their accounts will be stored.

In addition, back in May, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi drew attention to the fact that Instagram is working on reposts — so it can be assumed that work in this direction has been going on for several months and quite possibly is almost finished. According to his information, users will also be able to add their own thoughts to the posts they share for their followers.

Currently, you can only share someone else’s post in Stories (or send a direct message to your friends), but the new feature will allow you to share posts in your followers’ feeds as well, just like you can do on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Analysts believe that it will also reduce the amount of reposting of other people’s photos and memes without crediting the author, something that the social network currently suffers from.