These are just ideas and layouts of a third-party designer – but how well it turned out! Take a look at the potential Ford Mustang sedan, developed on the basis of the coupe of the current generation: the characteristic appearance is preserved, the pointed “nose”, a large hood, a short trunk lid, a sloping rear window, “tense” stampings above the wheel arches. It looks really impressive!

Such a sedan may well find a place in the Ford Mustang lineup of the future generation. And it looks more logical than the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, and for two reasons at once. First of all, the very history of the Ford Mustang model began with the fact that the coupe was created on the basis of the Ford Falcon sedan – that is, the process can be described as a “return to historical foundations”. Second, Ford has now almost stopped production of the once popular Mondeo model (the new generation of the model remains only in China) because the class of conventional mid-size sedans is declining. But offering such a car under the Mustang name will allow it to be positioned as a competitor to “premium” models such as the BMW 3-series or Dodge Charger. Moreover, even now, the Ford Mustang model has everything you need: a rear-wheel drive platform, a good 4-cylinder “turbo”, a classic naturally aspirated V8, powerful brakes, etc.

So, does the Ford Mustang sedan have any chance of becoming a reality? While you ponder this question, check out SRK Designs’ video of a design rendering of this model.