If you’re into board card games, then you’re probably aware of Munchkin, a fun game that parodies “serious” board and collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering. At one time, Munchkin was even translated into Ukrainian and published by publishing house The Third Planet – and the translation there was very high-quality, which is critical for such a project.

And now there is information that Munchkin is being “digitized” — Munchkin Digital is out on Steam (there is already a page), on iOS and Android. The game is developed and published by the American studio Dire Wolf, which specializes in digital card games, and is scheduled for release on fall of this year.

The developer promises cross-platform multiplayer for six players, a tutorial (on a better way to piss off your opponent, I guess?), and a solo mode with “special rules”. The only thing that is a little confusing is that in Munchkin live communication between players is a critical component of game enjoyment and whether the developer will be able to convey this moment in the digital version when playing the game over the Internet is still unclear.