It is worth paying tribute to the marketers of the Bose company, who announced a new model of headphones in parallel with Apple’s presentation. It’s brave. But this does not mean that the company’s new headphones have been completely ignored.

The QuietComfort Earbuds II are an upgrade. The developers have changed the headphones and the design of the case, and the sound calibration system has also undergone changes. This also had a minimal effect on the price. But everything in turn.

The new headphones are a third smaller than the previous ones, which considering the size of the first model is a really nice upgrade. For greater comfort and fixation, there are not only three options of ear pads, but also additional fasteners of three sizes. The user will be able to choose a comfortable combination depending on their own needs. And it will be possible to make sure of the right choice thanks to a special test in the company application.

Bose introduced its competitor to the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 — QuietComfort Earbuds II

The storage and charging case has changed shape. Now it resembles that of the Pixel Buds Pro. In any case, it should be more convenient for those users who carry headphones with them in their pockets. Subjectively, the new version looks much neater.

Also, the new model received CustomTune sound calibration technology. It was originally taken from the company’s hearing aids, but here it performs a slightly different function. The headphones quickly scan the properties of the user’s ear canals and calibrate the sound and noise canceling system accordingly. This happens every time the headphones are placed in the user’s ears.

CustomTune fully optimizes the sound frequency profile to the unique properties of every ear, so the sound that reaches the eardrum is just as the artist intended.

Also, this system helps with noise reduction. It is noted that thanks to its work, the headphones cope better with the human voice and children’s cries. In addition, CustomTune will help during Aware Mode operation, when external sounds are passed through the headphones. The system should drown out harsh, loud noises, but still try to transmit the sounds of the environment as naturally as possible.

Bluetooth 5.3 is used for connection, and SBC and AAC codecs are supported. In addition, the new model should improve the quality of telephone conversations, and also allows use during training (headphones are protected against moisture according to the IPx4 standard).

The headphones should work for up to 6 hours from one charge, and the battery reserve in the case will allow you to charge them three more times. Fast charging will allow you to get two hours of work after 20 minutes of charging.

Bose introduced its competitor to the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 — QuietComfort Earbuds II