Over the past two years, the number of sold laptops with AMD processors has increased by 49%. The model range of the company’s mobile chips has expanded significantly, so the manufacturer seriously took up the creation of a new labeling system for the logical structuring of its offers, which would make it easier for potential buyers to choose the system most suitable for solving their problems.

Starting in 2023, all new AMD mobile processors will be labeled according to the new system. In the five-character designation of the processor model, each character will reflect a certain characteristic of the chip. The presented table with the specifics of the expected labeling is shown on the slide.

AMD announces a new processor labeling system for mobile systems

The first character – Portfolio Model Year – will reflect the conformity of the model to a certain year. The second is an indicator of belonging to a marketing family or series. The third clearly indicates the use of the generation of internal architecture. The latter character takes the form of “0” and “5” indicating enhancements that do not appear within the same architecture. For example, to indicate different models based on Zen 3 and Zen 3+. The fifth letter will indicate the design category in terms of power consumption, as well as the nuance of using a chip in the Chromebook.

The new numbering system is at the heart of how AMD will name and number mobile processors in the coming years. According to the developers, it has already been tested with a five-year perspective.

AMD announces a new processor labeling system for mobile systems

In 2023, AMD plans to offer five categories of chips for mobile systems of different segments. According to the proposed table, these will be both fundamentally new designs and updated platforms in 2022. Here, a lot will depend on the requests of specific laptop manufacturers. At the same time, all solutions will use the new Ryzen 7000 labeling system, but the architecture of the used chips can be easily determined by their marking.