The Bentley company presented the Flying Spur sedan in a special Speed ​​version: usually this word denotes the most “charged” versions of the existing models. It happened this time as well – the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​sedan is the flagship of the Flying Spur model line, offering a combination of power, dynamics, and luxury in one car.

First of all, the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​sedan has a distinctive style with a lot of black accented parts: spoilers, air intakes, exhaust pipes, and more. It is also worth noting the large 22-inch wheels hiding the 420-millimeter brakes.

A decent answer to the super-powerful 6-liter W12 engine, which produces 635 “horses” and 900 Nm of torque – and then all this is sent to four wheels through an 8-speed ZF transmission. By the way, this is not an ordinary automatic gearbox, but a mechanical one with a double clutch. In addition, the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​car is distinguished by a control system of all four wheels.

And also it is distinguished by an interior, which also combines luxury and sport. For example, in seats with combined decoration, which have heating, ventilation, and massage. But they also have developed lateral support. Or in the presence of “sports” pedals with metal overlays.

At the same time, all the conditions for maximum comfort during a long journey are provided for the rear passengers. The journey can be very fast: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h happens in 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 333 km/h – all thanks to the super-powerful W12!

Will we ever see something like this again? This is where sad tears should appear. It is possible that the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​super sedan is the last car from Bentley with a W12 engine. Next, total electrification awaits us: first, in the form of an increase in the number of hybrids, and then, in general, in the form of a transition to electric vehicles. Also, hurry up to buy a Bentley Flying Spur Speed! Of course, if you have an “extra” half a million euros…