First, Elon Musk was actively negotiating, and then refused to buy Twitter for $44 billion, calling the price unjustified, allegedly due to a large number of bots on the platform, which the management of the social network hid.

Now in the career of Musk, one of the most difficult lawsuits about the cancellation of the agreement to buy Twitter is going on. It could put his huge fortune of $240 billion at risk. Central to the lawsuit is a search for information in Musk’s messages and emails to see what he really thinks about the deal. In this way, Twitter wants to show that Elon was looking for a reason from the beginning to disrupt the purchase. This will be the key to winning the case and forcing Musk to pay $44 billion for the company anyway, reports Intelligencer.

Twitter lawyers found that Elon Musk was afraid of Putin. At the very least, of him blowing up the world and making buying Twitter worthless. On May 8, ahead of the May 9 parade in Moscow (“Victory over Nazism in World War II”), Musk wrote to Michael Grimes, a tech banker at Morgan Stanley:

“Let’s slow down just a few days. Putin speech tomorrow is extremely important. It won’t make sense to buy Twitter if we’re heading into World War III,” said William Savitt, a Twitter lawyer, in a report.

A few weeks earlier, Musk had actually struck a deal to buy Twitter, but five days later he tweeted that it was “on hold.” At that time, Russia threatened the world with the use of nuclear weapons. Twitter’s lawyer assures that Musk was looking for an excuse to break the deal.

“The truth is Mr. Musk has managed to produce next to no evidence as to why he’s changed his mind,” William Savitt believes.