As expected, there is a shell shortage in Russia. And even a little earlier than we hoped. Thank you, HIMARS and MLRS, and also to the “responsible” ensigns, majors, and generals of the Russian Army. Russia is already buying millions of artillery shells and missiles from North Korea. This is reported by The New York Times citing US intelligence.

The same sanctions that don’t seem to “work” effectively affect Russia’s ability to supply its own military with even basic supplies. The “colossal” Soviet stockpiles turned out to be a myth – they have long since been looted or failed. At the same time, China, unwilling to fall under additional US sanctions, does not sell weapons to Russia. That is why the “second army of the world” goes begging in other outcast countries like Iran and North Korea.

Initially, Russia bought a significant number of UAVs from Iran, some of which do not work. Now shells and rockets for Soviet-caliber MLRS in North Korea. This testifies, firstly, to the very successful work of our gunners and American MLRS M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS. Secondly, about the revaluation of ammunition stocks in the warehouses of the Russian Federation, as well as the country’s ability to quickly replenish them, which is extremely important with the consumption of ammunition in the amount of 50-60 thousand ammunitions per day (according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces).

“The only reason the Kremlin should have to buy artillery shells or rockets from North Korea or anyone is because Putin has been unwilling or unable to mobilize the Russian economy for war at even the most basic level,” says military expert Frederick V. Kagan.

We remind, yesterday Conflict Armament Research published the results of the analysis of the components of Russian high-precision weapons. Everything is not very good there either.

So we believe in the Armed Forces, support our soldiers and wait for good news. Everything will be Ukraine!