Foldable smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages. Among the latter is the line of fold of the display. In different manufacturers and models, it does not remain invisible and is felt to varying degrees during operation. And Samsung Galaxy Fold4 was not an exception, as it was predicted before the release.

Insider Ice universe shared his observation on exactly how to make this line less noticeable. But it is worth reminding once again that the manufacturer prohibits such “research” and you will not have to count on a free replacement of the display in case of failure or any other damage.

So, if you remember the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, then you must have heard about unpleasant incidents with test samples that got to the press. At that time, journalists and bloggers intuitively removed the protective film of the internal display, mistakenly believing that it was only supposed to protect against scratches.

It turned out that this cannot be done in any case. From that moment on, the smartphone has a warning for the user, which, among other things, prohibits removing this film. But as noted by Ice universe, its removal has a noticeable effect on the fold line of the screen.

Trust me, peeling off the Fold4’s protective film will make the crease appear lighter, but do so with caution.

He also added a photo that really shows the difference in the appearance of the display with and without the film. But such “advice” can be cost a lot for owners of such smartphones.

The cost of non-warranty repair of the Fold4 internal screen is $357. If it cannot be repaired and a replacement is required, the price of a new screen will be $499. Such prices are relevant for the USA, in Ukraine a similar procedure may be more expensive.

So yes, it’s really not worth doing this with your own smartphone. But it is interesting to know that it is the protective film that makes the fold on the display so noticeable and tangible during use.