Netflix has shown the first teaser of the film All Quiet on the Western Front, based on the novel by the German writer Erich Maria Remarque, which was published in 1929. This is already the third adaptation of this work.

The film was shot in German and it is from Germany that this tape is nominated for the Oscar for the best international feature film in 2022. In the new interpretation of All Quiet on the Western Front starred such leading German actors as Daniel Brühl (Good Bye, Lenin!, Rush, The Fifth Estate) and Albrecht Schuh (Berlin Alexanderplatz, Paula). And the film was directed by Edward Berger, known for the series Deutschland 83, The Terror, Patrick Melrose and Your Honor.

We remind that the story in the novel All Quiet on the Western Front is told on behalf of a young man, Paul Bäumer, one of those who will later be called the “lost generation”. Together with his classmates, he went to the front of the First World War and talks about everyday life in the trenches. This is an unadorned account of the war, probably one of the best anti-war works of all time.

All Quiet on the Western Front is scheduled for release on Netflix on October 28, 2022. Given the Oscar nomination, a limited theatrical release is likely planned. Judging by the teaser, this film is worth watching on the big screen.