Norway is the leader among the countries with the largest distribution of electric cars among vehicle owners. But, unfortunately, they are not immune to problems with new cars. Harsh climatic conditions do not help in this either. And now it has reached the point where Norwegian Tesla owners are going on hunger strike expecting to be heard better.

Last week, Elon Musk visited the country to participate in an energy conference. Dissatisfied car buyers used this to draw the attention of the company manager to the problems. And as it turns out, there are quite a few. They were listed on a separate site of the initiative group of dissatisfied users – Tesla Hunger Strike.

In Norway, Tesla owners are so dissatisfied with the problems with cars that they are ready to go on hunger strike

Owners complain that: cars may not start in both cold and warm weather; door opening handles freeze and do not work; the wipers, headlights, computer, autopilot, window lifters, climate systems do not work properly, and the Internet is slow; the front seats and some decorative parts are poorly secured; the trunk lid fills with water; extraneous sounds while driving; doors stop working or open on their own; there are problems with the quality of painting, and the Model 3 in general begins to quickly become covered with rust, etc.

Complaints include dissatisfaction with the company’s work and service. In particular, the power of the cars has been reduced, there are problems with charging and the batteries do not live up to expectations, and even with the promised free charging, new stations do not charge cars. Even the service does not solve all problems, and you have to wait a long time for feedback.

There were also conspiracy theories here. According to some sources, such an action may be an attempt by other companies to pay attention to their service and continue to service their cars, or even provoke new collective lawsuits against Tesla. In addition, the threat of starvation is expressed only in the name of the site and does not have detailed demands on the company.

In any case, Tesla has never been known for good quality. Most reviews of cars or blogs about the experience of using them reveal many different shortcomings in the quality of Elon Musk’s electric cars. That list of problems is really impressive, and not in a good way. Perhaps there is some exaggeration there. But we can still hope that among the dissatisfied there are not those who really encountered this entire “checklist” in one car.