As it turns out, Blizzard considers the name Azov Nazi and bans it from their games. But they do not consider the letters ZZ in their own name to be Nazi and do not want to change their name to Bliard.

Information about the Azov title ban appeared on the channel Ukrainian Geek. As you can see from the support mail screenshots below, the Azov clan name has been fixed to the default name. After attempts to appeal with reference to the fact that Azov is a Ukrainian region near the Sea of ​​Azov, the following response came from support.

Blizzard has banned players from calling their clan Azov

“As name Azov resembles the name of the Azov Regiment, which “has drawn controversy over its early and allegedly continuing association with far-right groups and neo-Nazi ideology, its use of controversial symbols linked to Nazism, and allegations that members of the group participated in torture and war crimes.” We won’t tolerate anything like that in our games.”

Blizzard has banned players from calling their clan Azov

As noted in the comments and, as it is known to Mezha, requests from Ukraine are moderated in the Russian office of Blizzard, so such an answer is not surprising. But it seems that Blizzard has not had enough scandals lately and they really want to get accused of supporting the ruscists. This information should be spread.

As for Ukrainian players, we highly recommend that you contact support in English in all cases and request that your issue be addressed by European, not Russian, support. And it’s not just about Blizzard.