As AUTOCAR reports, Porsche is already working on new generations of Taycan and Panamera models. They will become electric cars, will be transferred to a common platform, but will retain different positioning.

So, approximately in 2025-2027, the new Porsche Taycan and Porsche Panamera electric cars will debut, which will be built on the SSP Sport platform. The latter involves a low body and a flat battery with niches under the feet. If the format of an electric car looks quite natural for the Porsche Taycan, it is a wonder for the Porsche Panamera. Therefore, the manufacturer promises to keep the already existing Porsche Panamera car (classic diesel engine or hybrid) in production, which will undergo an update in 2023 and will be produced approximately until 2030 – thus, the Porsche Panamera car and the Porsche Panamera electric car will intersect for a certain time. At the same time, in any form, the Porsche Panamera model will retain its position above the Porsche Taycan model.

So, the Porsche Panamera electric car will offer a length of about 5.2 meters and a 3.1-meter wheelbase – against the nearly 5-meter Porsche Taycan with a 2.9-meter wheelbase. In addition, body types should also differ: the latest electric car Porsche Panamera will retain the 5-door version, and the Porsche Taycan will be a classic sedan. The fate of station wagons for the two models is not known. Perhaps their niche will be completely occupied by the electric versions of the new Porsche Macan and Cayenne crossovers, which should debut in 2024-2025, but will be built on the PRE platform.