Kyiv studio Frag Lab announced the release of its multiplayer shooter Shatterline in Early Access on Steam already on September 8, 2022. Here is the direct speech of the developers.

“Early access is a very important milestone for us before the official launch of the game. First of all, this is a unique opportunity to complete the work on the game together with the players, so that the game takes a worthy place in the world’s pantheon of shooters. This collaboration will, among other things, include polishing the balance of weapons, various game mechanics, finding and fixing major issues and bugs, so that all aspects of the game are at their peak, as we all strive for.

We’re going into early access without a publisher, so we don’t have a bag of advertising money in every corner. That’s why we put the fate of the game in the hands of our growing gaming community: players who enjoy the game, play with their friends, and share their experiences with friends and acquaintances.

We are sure that during the time the game is in early access, our gaming community will grow to tens and even hundreds of thousands of players.”

We will remind that since the beginning of the hot phase of the war, the Frag Lab studio was left without a publisher, which was previously represented by Belarusian Wargaming. Part of Frag Lab employees serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces, the other part is engaged in volunteering.

So it seems to us that it is a matter of honor to support a Ukrainian game, which is also free. Add Shatterline to your Wish List and get ready for EA launch. All progress, all things that players get in the game after September 8, 2022 will remain after the release.

And finally, watch the two Shatterline trailers. Cinematic and with real gameplay.