At the beginning of August, a petition on the legalization of erotica and porn in Ukraine got the necessary 25,000 votes to be considered by the President. Now the author of the petition has received an official response from Volodymyr Zelenskyi, which informs that there will be no immediate legalization of erotica and porn in Ukraine, if at all.

In his answer, the President refers to the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Public Morals”, the main purpose of which is the realization of the right to an information space free from materials that pose a threat to the physical, intellectual and moral and psychological state of the population. It is to such materials that the Law classifies objects and products of a pornographic nature. As for erotica, its production is allowed, but with restrictions set out in the second part of Article 2 of the Law.

However, based on the fact that, according to the Law, it is the Cabinet of Ministers that ensures the implementation of state policy in the sphere of protection of public morals and controls the bodies of executive power in this sphere, the President turned to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Shmyhal with a request to instruct him to work on the issues raised in the petition and to inform the author of the petition about the results of the review.