Ever heard of Wuling car brand? Of course, this is China: another joint venture producing machinery for the local market. Have you heard about the Wuling Mini EV model? This is a small (length 3.06 m) and affordable electric car, the sales of which started in 2020. And now we add the word Convertible – so we have an option with an open roof!

Recently, the range of the Wuling Mini EV model was replenished with such a Convertible version: a folding soft roof (two colors to choose from), original LED headlights, and an interior with bright color accents. The new Wuling Mini EV Convertible electric car is built on an already existing basis: an electric motor with a capacity of 30 kW or 41 hp, and a battery of 26.5 kWh. The latter, by the way, should be enough for a distance of up to 280 km, and the electric motor will be enough to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

Of course, the technical indicators are not impressive. However, in the case of the Wuling Mini EV Convertible electric car, something else is important – compact dimensions, interesting design, folding roof. And the opportunity to get all this for $15,000: that’s the expected price of the Wuling Mini EV Convertible electric car.