Tesla continues to develop the idea of ​​power plants using home batteries Powerwall. This time, the virtual power plant will appear on Miyako Island in Japan.

We remind you, the virtual power plant consists of Tesla Powerwalls connected to the network. Working in concert, they can feed energy into the public grid and become an alternative to power plants that pollute the environment.

Tesla opened one such power plant in California last year. The company is currently trying to deploy a similar power plant in Texas and is building another one in Australia.

Now, as it turns out, the company has created a new virtual power plant in Japan, on one of the most densely populated islands. The Miyakojima VPP project was developed in cooperation with a local energy company last year. There are now more than 300 Powerwalls operating within its borders on the island.

Local residents who install a Powerwall in their homes will receive preferences from local utility company Miyakojima Mirai Energy Co. Instead, the company will be able to use Powerwall as part of its own infrastructure.

Tesla says the virtual power plant will make the island’s power grid more stable in the event of a natural disaster. The project is still developing. It should include 400 Powerwalls by the end of this year, and 600 such systems by the end of 2023.