The popularity of TWS headphones forces manufacturers to connect a little more imagination to emphasize their products among a large number of competitors. This is how the JBL company released a new version of the Tour Pro 2, which, among other things, received a touch display on the case.

The still small case for headphones has become the most original so far because it also has a 1.45-inch touch display. From it, the user will be able to manage the settings of the headphones (turn on/off noise canceling, “transparency” mode, etc.), control the charge of the headphones and the case, and even receive notifications and calls.

JBL presented new TWS earbuds with a touch display on the case

In the case of notifications, this is probably not the first necessity, but changing the settings in this way is a really useful option. More often than not, headphones are set up using an app on a smartphone or using buttons/sensors on the headphones themselves. The last option is not very convenient and intuitive, and if the headphones are connected to a laptop or TV, then there are no options left.

The display will correct this situation. What’s more, the company claims that changing settings this way is up to seven times faster than in the case of the application.

Also, the new model has larger drivers (from 6.8 to 10 mm), supports Bluetooth 5.3, active noise cancellation, six microphones, and increased battery life to a total of 40 hours.

JBL presented new TWS earbuds with a touch display on the case

And together with TWS, the company also introduced full-size wireless headphones The Tour ONE M2. According to the company, they are “the best combination of True Adaptive ANC and JBL Pro drivers.”

This follow-up to The Tour ONE model, which also received Bluetooth 5.3, increased battery life with noise reduction enabled to 30 hours (was 25, and the total work is still 50 hours), and will offer fast charging (up to 5 hours of work in 10 minutes of charging ).

Updates, unfortunately, entailed an increase in prices. Therefore, the JBL Tour Pro 2 costs $249 (the previous model cost $200), and the JBL The Tour ONE M2 costs $299 (previously also $200). Both models are already available in black and champagne colours.