You can now test LaMDA artificial intelligence from Google, which seemed conscious to one of the company’s employees. Anyone interested can sign up in the AI ​​Test Kitchen and get access to the AI ​​beta.

LaMDA is an artificial intelligence that analyzes human speech and recognizes commands in it. Voice assistants Siri and Alexa work on a similar principle, as well as the technology for creating subtitles in real time.

It will be possible to experiment with LaMDA in a controlled environment. It is now being made available within several managed demos. Starting last week, AI was opened to a limited number of Android users. In the coming weeks, it will also be available on iOS.

“he first demo, “Imagine It,” lets you name a place and offers paths to explore your imagination. With the “List It” demo, you can share a goal or topic, and LaMDA will break it down into a list of helpful subtasks. And in the “Talk About It (Dogs Edition)” demo, you can have a fun, open-ended conversation about dogs and only dogs, which explores LaMDA’s ability to stay on topic even if you try to veer off-topic,” says a Google blog post.

Although the AI ​​has been rigorously tested, the model may still have some flaws, as the Google team warns. The developers hope that beta testing will help make LaMDA even better.