According to Deloitte research, as of last year, the average American household has 25 Internet-connected gadgets. Starting with smartphones and laptops, users also have “smart” TVs and speakers, various household appliances, and even cars are taken into account. Therefore, it is expected that all these gadgets will be able to work together, creating a convenient ecosystem for the user. With the help of Google, of course.

For this, the company is working on a separate SDK that will help build applications in such a way that they can work together between different devices. As an example, the company gives the situation of ordering food: in order not to pass one smartphone through the whole company of friends, all users can simultaneously connect to the order from their devices and choose dishes.

Google is working on improving the performance of applications between different devices

Also, examples can be picking up the reading of an article from one device to another, planning the route of a passenger’s trip, etc.

In fact, this is an extension of the Nearby Share function, which will allow you to connect different devices. Currently, it receives an expanded set of APIs for Device discovery, Secure connections, and Multi-device Sessions.

Communication between gadgets can be established using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and UWB (ultra-wideband).

Currently, such an opportunity is available for developers for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system. But in the future, Google plans to support more devices and systems, including iOS and Windows. The company still does not have exact plans and deadlines, so do not count on such opportunities in the near future.