Rumors about the release of a mixed reality headset by Apple have been circulating for several years, but have not yet materialized into real devices. However, we may be even closer to the expected announcement, because as spotted Bloomberg, the company filed for registration of the trademarks Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor, which coincide with the name realityOS, which was discovered in Apple’s code, and that is what the operating system of the headset should be called.

The applications were not submitted by Apple itself, but by a company called Immersive Health Solutions, LLC. Companies like Apple often use front company names when filing for a patent or trademark to keep their plans confidential. But as Bloomberg notes, Immersive Health Solutions, located in Delaware, was registered as a Corporation Trust Co. — another front company that also appears under the realityOS trademark.

In addition to the US, applications have also been filed in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and Uruguay. All three filings mention “virtual and augmented reality headsets, glasses, goggles and smart glasses.” It’s possible that the Reality One trademark belongs to the name of the headset itself, while the Reality Pro indicates an improved version that Apple plans to release in the future, according to the Pro prefix that Apple applies to its higher-end devices. Meanwhile, the name Reality Processor may hint at the headset’s processor, which is rumored to be Apple’s M2 chip.

Trademark applications appeared a little more than a week before the event Apple Far Out, but it is unlikely that the mixed reality headset will be shown at the presentation dedicated to the iPhone 14. Apple’s board of directors was supposed to test the headset back in May, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that it will not hit the market before January 2023.