The latest BMW i4 electric car in its most powerful version, the M50, offers two electric motors that develop a peak short-term power of 544 hp. and 795 Nm of torque (long-term power and torque of 469 hp and 729 Nm, respectively). So, there is no power issue. Therefore, when creating the BMW i4 tuning option, AC Schnitzer specialists paid attention to something completely different.

For example, the electric car received new springs and a reduction in ground clearance by 20-25 mm, spacers for the wheel hubs are also provided – this allows you to install branded 19- or 20-inch wheels from AC Schnitzer. In addition, the electric car will receive modified aerodynamics: overlays on the front bumper, various splitters and spoilers, etc.

The interior is also changing: aluminum pedal pads, a sports steering wheel and new petals, etc. are offered. There are even covers for the iDrive switch and key holder. And such an electric car gets its own name – AC Schnitzer ACS4 i50.

However, it is impossible to ignore the question: is it possible to increase the power of electric motors thanks to third-party tuning? Or maybe it is better to install other gearboxes to improve dynamic qualities? And is it necessary to do tuning for electric cars at all? What do you think?