Yesterday, Valve began beta testing of the new Steam app for iOS and Android. It features a new design (more precisely, as the company itself admits, it “revived” the 2015 design option) – in particular, a navigation bar appeared at the bottom of the screen with quick access to the store, the news feed, and the Steam Guard section.

But the matter is not limited to the design only: the new mobile Steam is built, according to the developer, on a completely new platform, and has functions that are not present in the current application. This is, for example, the ability to log into an account on a PC by scanning a QR code in the Steam Guard section.

Valve also notes that the new Steam has implemented an improved Library, “smarter” notifications, and support for multiple accounts. At the same time, the “old” functions, such as browsing the store, receiving Steam Guard codes, and confirming exchanges, also did not go anywhere.

Anyone interested in beta testing the new Steam is invited to the Steam Mobile App community where you can find instructions for installing the application and leave feedback on its operation.