On the occasion of Gamescom 2022, the Ukrainian studio Best Way decided to remind us about its real-time strategy Men of War II. The full trailer is promised to be shown on September 1, 2022, and so far only a teaser trailer has been shown.

Unfortunately, Men of War II is yet another World War II game published by the same Russian 1C, which recently changed its name to Fulqrum Publishing. It seems that neither the fact that Best Way was forced to move from Severodonetsk to Cherkasy at the beginning of the war, in 2014 nor the beginning of Russia’s full-scale aggression taught Dmitry Morozov and his team anything. They have been cooperating with the Russians for almost 20 years and making the same game that continues to push Soviet narratives to players, including Western ones. It is sad.

Men of War II strategy teaser trailer from Ukrainian studio Best Way

By the way, now Best Way is looking for 3D animators for this project.

P.S. Mr. Morozov, maybe it’s time to create a game where Ukrainians kill Russians and “Soviet soldiers”? About Ukrainian Insurgent Army soldiers or the war of 2014-2022. Stop living in the past!