It’s not every day that car manufacturers team up with game publishers or franchises in unusual ways, but “this day has come.” At Gamescom Opening Night Live, a themed MINI-x-Pikachu appeared. This is not just an electric car with “Pokemons”. The car allows you to connect a game console to it and broadcast games to the outside from the built-in projector.

More precisely, it is introduced last month MINI Aceman, which received an additional Pokémon mode. When this mode is activated, Pikachu appears in the car interface, additional lighting effects are activated in the interior and outside of the car.

And the main “feature” is the built-in projector, with which you can display the image on the surface in front of the car, connect the console, and play. However, you will have to wait for darkness and find a suitable place in the parking lot for this. Also, not all weather conditions are suitable for such entertainment. There are enough nuances.

But there are no technical details about the car. The company does not specify which projector is used and which console the car supports. Most likely, this is just a concept for an exhibition and additional advertising. So it is not a fact that fans will be able to purchase such a “Pikachu”. But such a car could take the concept of mobile gaming to a new level.

MINI and Pokemon showed a concept car with a built-in projector to which you can connect a game console