At Gamescom grand opening Sony introduced a new controller for PlayStation 5: DualSense Edge. The main difference between the new product and the standard DualSense is the ability to customize it to your liking.

Yes, on the new controller you can reassign buttons or turn off unnecessary ones, adjust the sensitivity and dead zones of sticks and triggers; changes can be saved to user profiles.

The new Fn button allows you to make all the necessary settings without leaving the game — switch between profiles, adjust the volume balance of sounds in the game and chat, call up the controller settings menu, etc.

Also, in DualSense Edge, you can replace the upper parts of the joints – three options are included in the kit: standard, with a high and low “dome”. In addition, the controller has two additional “back” buttons to which other buttons can be assigned – and there are also interchangeable sets for them, in the form of a “dome” or a “lever”. What’s more, the owner of DualSense Edge is able to completely replace the entire stick module with a new one (sold separately).

And, of course, the new controller has all the functionality of the original DualSense – haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, tracking the controller’s movements in space, etc.

DualSense Edge is Sony’s new controller, the “answer” to the Xbox Elite

In addition to interchangeable button sets and a USB cable, the DualSense Edge also comes with a carrying case that allows you to charge the controller.

Unfortunately, the announcement only covered the functionality and appearance of the DualSense Edge — Sony didn’t say anything about a release date or price for the new controller. But given the phrase “In the months ahead, we look forward to sharing more details about the DualSense Edge wireless controller, including launch timing” — we will have to wait for a long time.