The future Mercedes EQG electric SUV should receive an innovative battery of a new type, which will significantly increase its life on one full charge, reports AUTOCAR.

As a reminder: the Mercedes EQG concept car dates back to 2021, but it looks much further ahead. This is a kind of hint at the “G-class with a battery” that should appear in 2025: just look at the common design features characteristic of G-class cars. But there is also LED lighting and glossy panels, which is typical for Mercedes EQ-series electric cars.

So: before us is the G-class, but with a battery. And it is the battery that should become one of the most interesting technical innovations of the future mass-produced electric car.

After all, it is expected to use a battery developed jointly with the American company Sila Nanotechnologies. Such a battery should be distinguished by a changed chemical composition of internal substances, which will allow to increase the efficiency of energy storage by 20-40% compared to existing batteries. Also, in general, this will allow to increase the range of the new electric car without a significant increase in the size and weight of the battery.