In addition, the 19th package of US military aid (no, it is still not Lend-Lease) in the amount of $775 million included additional missiles for HIMARS, 16 105-mm M119 howitzers, 90 armored personnel carriers of various configurations, anti-radar AGM-88 HARM, 1500 TOW missiles, and much more. In particular, 15 Scan Eagle unmanned aerial systems, that is, 60 UAVs of high endurance, which can be used to adjust high-precision weapons, the same HIMARS. What kind of UAV is this?

Boeing Insitu’s ScanEagle is a descendant of the civilian SeaScan UAV that was developed for data collection for commercial fishermen, for example, finding schools of tuna. In 2004, the device was adapted for military use and even tested in Iraq.

ScanEagle – UAV-correctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

One of the important features of the ScanEagle is the high flight duration for a device of this size, which is more than 18 hours (according to the manufacturer). The devices are produced in several modifications, the most common of which has a conventional and infrared camera in an inertial-stabilized suspension system, but the company even tested a UAV with a synthesized aperture radar, which, by the way, is the smallest in the world, weighing only 1.6 kg.

ScanEagle drones are launched using a pneumatic catapult, and “land” using a special Skyhook system, which “catches” the UAV with a cable hanging from a 15-meter mast.

ScanEagle – UAV-correctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Each ScanEagle complex consists of 4 UAVs, a ground control system, a catapult and a mast for returning the device.

We hope that the new ScanEagle complexes will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to increase the quantity and quality of ‘claps’ in the rear of the ruscists.

ScanEagle – UAV-correctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Length – 1.71 m
Wingspan – 3.1 m
Maximum take-off weight – 26.5 kg
Maximum weight of the payload – 5 kg
Payload power – 150 W
Engine – JP-5 or JP-8 fuel oil engines or C-10 gasoline engine
Turret: optical digital conventional and infrared cameras
Durability – 18 hours
Radius of action – 100 km
Ceiling – 5,950 m
Maxspeed – 148 km/hour