Despite constant Russian shelling, including on manufacturing plants and logistics centers, Ukrainian military logisticians continue to supply the army with high-precision weapons. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they have exceeded the missile and artillery plan by 600 percent! This is stated in a video published by General Staff of the Armed Forces.

In general, logisticians are the real underrated heroes of this war. It is difficult to even imagine what a difficult task it is to provide all units in a timely manner, if only with artillery shells of various calibers and purposes. On a front of such a length, with our roads and their absence, under fire, with the constant movement of units and with a real zoo of calibers, both Soviet and NATO. And we haven’t even mentioned barrel replacement, maintenance and repair.

They say that military historians have a saying: “Dilettantes study tactics, amateurs – strategy, and professionals – logistics!” Because tactics help win the battle, strategy wins the battle, and logistics win the war. Ask the British and Americans, who ensured victory over Germany with flawless logistics, not cannon fodder.

So, glory to our soldiers, glory to logisticians, glory to the Armed Forces!

P.S. The video shows a 5B27D-M2 missile for the Ukrainian modification of the S-125M Pechora air defense system.