Lego decided to revive the traditional use of the Fresnel lens – a complex saw-tooth lens that consists of individual concentric rings or belts of small thickness. It focuses light more efficiently than conventional lenses, while remaining thinner and lighter. This technology is now used in floodlights and VR headsets, but it was invented back in 1820 by Auguste Fresnel for use in lighthouses.

Lens will return to its very first destination in the new motorized lighthouse. The set will consist of 2065 parts and will cost $300 – a toy rather for adults who are interested in modeling.

The design of the figure partially reproduces the Cordouan lighthouse in France, where Fresnel’s design was first installed. Thanks to motorization from Lego, his model has a rotating mechanism. The lenses installed in 1823 on the Corduan lighthouse could also rotate.

Lego's new robotic lighthouse has a working Fresnel lens and can rotate
Cordouan Lighthouse in France

Lego also took care of the details. The set also includes a neat little house with a battery-powered fireplace, a treasure cave, and waves lapping onto the shore. The lighthouse keeper will be accompanied by a cat, a fish and a seabird.

The set will go on sale on September 1.