The new Suzuki Alto hatchback debuted in India the other day: it is already the third generation of the model created and produced together with the Indian local company Maruti. In accordance with the trends of the time, the new car became bigger, more powerful, better than its predecessor.

But it is not easy to hide the budget essence of Suzuki Alto. For example, it has 13-inch wheels with caps (ok, this is acceptable for an inexpensive car), but it does not even have a rear “wiper”: this is already an unpleasant “economy on matches”…

However, in other respects, the car does not look bad for a baby A-class: the overall length of the Suzuki Alto K10 is only 3.53 meters, and the wheelbase is a little short of the 2.4-meter mark. However, even in these meters it was possible to create a full-fledged interior, a 1-liter 67-horsepower engine settled under the hood (which is hinted at by the index “K10” in the model name), and either a 5-speed manual transmission or a simple “robot” is used as a transmission. Even if it is a “robot” with one clutch, it still turns out to be at least some kind of automated transmission.

In addition, it is worth noting the normal equipment: already in the basic version there is an ABS system and frontal airbags, parking sensors, a “stop-start” system for the engine, a digital instrument panel. And as options, air conditioning, a chrome package, electric windows, a touch 7-inch display, etc. are offered.

Of course, the most important question is the cost of the car. So, the basic version of the Suzuki Alto K10 costs from $5 thousand, and the maximum performance of the car costs $7.5 thousand. And this level of prices immediately removes all skepticism about the Suzuki Alto K10, right?