Very unexpected news – the first-person shooter Chasm: The Rift, which was released by the Ukrainian studio Action Forms back in 1997, will be re-released for modern systems.

The developer was then “inspired” by the legendary Quake, and the gameplay of Chasm: The Rift was very similar to it. Even the graphics looked pretty good for the time, with fully polygonal and fairly detailed enemy and weapon models. Of course, the engine of its own development was significantly inferior to the id Software project. Due to technological limitations, all locations were “one-story”, but thanks to the high-quality design of the levels, it was almost not felt.

The gameplay now, of course, looks outdated, but Chasm: The Rift was very fun to play at the time, and the developer, even with very limited resources, managed to implement interesting features that were ahead of their time – like the ability to shoot light sources or shoot off the limbs of monsters. Over time, the game even acquired the status of a “hidden gem” among fans of retro shooters. For example, this video with the passage of the game was released this year and in a few months managed to gain more than half a million views (with 22K likes and less than 200 dislikes).

And now the publisher SNEG (specializing in just such reissues of “classics”) announced the reissue of Chasm: The Rift.The game will be released in October this year at Steam and GOG. The publisher promises “improved graphics and sound” (without specifying what exactly will be improved) and support for high resolution, up to 4K. There is no price for the game yet, but it is already possible to add it to the wishlist in both stores.