Apple is going to hold a presentation of the iPhone 14 line of smartphones and other new devices on September 7, reports Bloomberg.

The new iPhones will kick off a busy fall product season that will also include several new Macs, updated iPads and three Apple Watch models.

Apple presents the iPhone 14 line at a dangerous time for the industry. Smartphone sales have begun to decline as consumers grapple with inflation and a faltering economy. But Apple appears to be doing better than its rivals, with the iPhone selling well last quarter and the company telling suppliers it doesn’t expect demand to drop.

The Cupertino-based tech giant usually also announces other products alongside the iPhone, including the latest Apple Watch. The company usually has a new iPhone in stores about a week and a half after its unveiling, and Apple is expected to stick with that pattern this year. Some retail workers have been told to prepare for a major new product launch on September 16.

Insiders reported back in the spring what to expect of iPhone 14.