The President’s Office is considering a model of new tax reform, which will abolish the unified social tax and change the rates of basic taxes, as well as provide for stricter control over their payment. About this told Deputy Chairman of the President’s Office Rostislav Shurma in an interview with Forbes.

“There is no final decision yet. But yes, we are indeed discussing a model called “10-10-10″: 10% income tax, 10% personal income tax and 10% VAT, as well as the abolition of the EUV and the 3% war levy. However, at the same time, there is an almost complete cancellation of all benefits, increased liability for violations of tax legislation, and such things as, for example, access to information about bank accounts by the tax authorities to prevent tax evasion,” said Shurma.

Officials have not yet reached an agreement on this issue. However, Shurma hopes that the new model will be adopted within a few months or six months.

According to him, the tax reform will give a serious impetus to the economy in the long term. The compensator of the reform, which will make it possible to fill the budget, can be conscientious payment of taxes at reduced rates. Also, tobacco, alcohol and oil products, environmental pollution are not taxed sufficiently in Ukraine. In addition, the idea of ​​tax incentives for the development of the processing industry is being considered.

“I am a big supporter of such radical tax changes, and I think they should probably be done now. This is also our unique chance to change the culture of paying taxes in the country,” says Rostislav Shurma.