The first Doom is so tame by modern standards that it was run on a calculator and even on a Lego piece, and recently proved that the game can be fully played on a tractor. Security researcher Sick Codes and modder Skelegant ran Doom on a John Deere tractor display and showed it off at the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas.

A video shared by Sick Codes shows the game running with a translucent layer over the tractor UI. According to the researcher, the work took several months. To run Doom, they had to hack the Linux system used on a John Deere 4240. The experiment used a version of Doom in which the player drives a tractor through a field of corn, destroying enemies.

The experiment also had a practical interest. Sick Codes not only jailbroke the system but also introduced a new jailbreak that gave him root access to the tractor system. This could potentially be used by farmers to bypass software locks and repair tractors themselves, something John Deere currently forbids and for which the manufacturer is constantly criticized.

To gain access, the hacker had to solder the controllers directly to the tractor board. However, he says that it is possible to develop a tool that will make it easier to jailbreak the system.