Over the past six months, we have already repeatedly seen that the strength of the country and the ability of its people to do good deeds are measured not by the size and wealth of the state, but rather by the sense of self-worth and audacity of its citizens. And this is once again demonstrated by the small but proud Latvia. In the last two days, several reports about the supply of weapons from this country have been received at once.

Yesterday, August 15, 2022, the Minister of Defense of Latvia, Artis Pabriks, announced on Twitter that Latvia is transferring four helicopters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The Air Forces of Ukraine has just received four helicopters donated by Latvia, which will soon become part of the air fleet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The support of Ukraine by Western countries should not stop until it frees its entire territory from the Russian occupation forces,” noted Artis Pabriks.

We are talking about two Mi-17 and two Mi-2 helicopters, considering that the Latvian Air Force has only 4 Mi-17, and the arrival of four ordered Sikorsky UH-60 is only expected, this is quite a noble gift.

Today, August 16, 2022, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, also via Twitter announced that 6 155-mm self-propelled howitzers M109A5 provided by Latvia are already destroying the Russians at the front.

Again, the Latvian Ground Forces have only 53 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers purchased in Austria. 6 self-propelled howitzers are a new battery in the Armed Forces, and this is a very significant number for Latvia.

And finally… Latvia decided to join the flash mob Buy Ukrainians Bayraktar TB2 . Fundraising started on the platform Ziedot.lv and today, August 16, 2022 €153,000 of the required €5 million has already been collected in half a day.

Well, what can I say. Thank you very much, Latvia! Kopā we uzvarēsim!