Judging by the simultaneous number of online Steam players Spider-Man Remastered, which went on sale August 12, 2022, is the second biggest release among the former Sony exclusives on PC.

Steam Charts counted 66,093 players playing the Steam version of Spider-Man Remastered at the same time. According to this figure, the new release is slightly inferior to this year’s God of War‘s 73,529 online players, but ahead of Horizon Zero Dawn’s 56,557 concurrent players. Another Sony game, Days Gone, fared much weaker with 27,450 online players.

Currently, Spider-Man Remastered has a Steam rating of 96%, and judging by the number of reviews, the PC version of the game has sold approximately 400-500 thousand copies on this platform alone. Not bad at all for a 2018 updated version of the game.

Spider-Man Remastered is out on PC simultaneously on Steam and on Epic Games Store. The cost of the game for Ukrainians is UAH 1,399.