It is quite possible. This is reported by AUTOCAR with reference to high-ranking officials of the BMW company. We will remind: this year, the BMW M division is celebrating its own 50th anniversary, and has prepared many interesting cars and announced plans for the future. Among the most interesting new models, it is worth noting the BMW XM crossover and a mention of the future BMW M5 sedan of the new generation: they should be united by a super-powerful V8 with an addition in the form of an electric motor.

The last point is perhaps the most interesting. After all, the latest car with a classic diesel engine is the new BMW M2 coupe. After it, we can expect electrified versions of BMW M cars: different models and different levels of electrification, even 100% – that is, fully electric cars. After all, the BMW M division aims to have 50% of electric cars in the total volume of sales by 2030 and to switch to selling only electric cars by 2035. And one of these first electric cars can be the new generation BMW M3!

As Frank van Meel, head of the BMW M3 department, claims, there is nothing wrong with this: “Every time we change the story of the engine, from four-cylinder to six-cylinder to eight-cylinder to six-cylinder and a turbocharger, the story continues. Maybe it will go electric – but if it does, it will always be an M3. Whatever the powertrain, you should always be able to drive our cars and know they are M cars. We have stood the test of time for 50 years and will continue to do so.”

Well, let’s hope it happens in the end…