Elon Musk has written a column for the Cyberspace Administration of China, a powerful organization that oversees data security for Chinese companies and censors the local internet together with the state. He shared his own vision of the future and technology in the organization’s leading magazine which should be developed, informs Bloomberg.

“I want to do everything we can to maximize the use of technology to help achieve a better future for humanity,” Musk wrote. “To that end, any area that contributes to a sustainable future is worthy of our investment,” claimed the billionaire.

In the column, he touched on already familiar topics about the need to colonize Mars and switch to electric cars running on renewable energy. Musk also talked about humanoid robots that can be used to care for the elderly. Chinese families may be interested in this initiative – government policy insists that the elderly be cared for at home, so automated care will free up more people who can work.

The billionaire did not miss his own companies in each of the specified areas. He calls SpaceX the first step towards populating a city on Mars. He also mentions the neural interface Neuralink and recently announced humanoid robot Tesla Bot.

“Initially, Tesla bots are supposed to replace humans in repetitive, boring and dangerous tasks. But the idea is for them to serve millions of households, like cooking meals, mowing lawns, and caring for the elderly,” says Musk.

It seems that the billionaire has big plans for cooperation with Beijing. China is the world’s largest market for electric vehicles. It is also home to Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory and the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturer CATL.