Mitsubishi recently announced an update to the XPander Cross model, which is offered in Indonesia, the Middle East, and Africa. That is: we see a local model that hardly has a chance to appear in Ukraine. However, this does not make it less interesting and the update of the Mitsubishi XPander Cross was a good reason to talk about this car in detail.

What is Mitsubishi XPander?

This is a minivan and a crossover at the same time. The Mitsubishi XPander car appeared in 2017 and offered a combination of a wagon-like body and a 7-seater interior with high ground clearance and an SUV design. Large wheels, flat wheel arches, bold “dissections” of the side surfaces of the body, a separate hood – all this resembles a crossover.
Moreover, the launch of a separate modification of the Mitsubishi XPander Cross and the update of the main Mitsubishi XPander model at the end of 2021 only further emphasized these features. The result was an interesting mixture with maximum emphasis on practicality.

Update for Mitsubishi XPander Cross

Almost a year has passed and now it’s time to update the Mitsubishi XPander Cross model. This car is built based on the Mitsubishi XPander, but it has additional overlays on the front bumper and wheel arches, provided roof rails, and its wheel disks. The update gave the Mitsubishi XPander Cross model notable T-shaped headlights and LED lights. And among the technical features, it is worth noting the traction vector control system, which can improve the stability of the car on slippery roads or light off-road.

In addition, the Mitsubishi XPander Cross car differs from the regular Mitsubishi XPander variant with its interior: note the front panel and multimedia system with a 9-inch display (versus 8-inch). Also, pay attention to the 4-spoke steering wheel, which hides the digital instrument panel. Similar interior changes may later be introduced for the Mitsubishi XPander car without the Cross designation.

Like a crossover, but…

And here is the main “but”: having an SUV appearance and offering a ground clearance of 220-225 mm (depending on the version), Mitsubishi XPander and Mitsubishi XPander Cross cars are equipped with an unrivaled 1.5 l 105 hp engine and front-wheel drive. There is no mention of a more powerful engine or four-wheel drive. You can choose only a gearbox – traditional mechanical or automated in the form of a CVT variator. Therefore, it is the technical part of the Mitsubishi XPander and Mitsubishi XPander Cross cars that ultimately raises a difficult question – is it an ideal or a failure?