The Ford Bronco car has already become a new “star” in the USA, because it perfectly combines off-road capabilities and the “retro” style of the 1960s. The creators of the model decided to pay more attention to this and created new versions of the SUV – meet the Ford Bronco Heritage Edition and Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition! In addition to the two versions, the cars will also be available in two body types: the “short” version of the Ford Bronco 2-door or the large Ford Bronco.

Both cars are easily recognizable by their characteristic appearance: a white Oxford White roof, 17-inch wheels with “old-school” rims (black or white), plastic linings on the wheel arches, red letters “FORD” on a white radiator grille. By the way, one of the two engines can hide behind this radiator grille depending on the selected version.

So, the Ford Bronco Heritage Edition SUV will receive a 2.3-liter 300-horsepower “turbo” paired with manual or automatic transmission. The Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition offers a 2.7-liter V6 with 330 hp, which works together with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Also, for two versions, a special H.O.S.S. suspension and off-road tires must be added.

Finally, we should also note the interior of the car, which uses fabric or leather with a 60s-style finish (depending on the selected version). And the bright front panel is decorated with the red inscription “BRONCO” – a hint of the design of the front part of the car.

It is worth noting that the Ford Bronco Sport crossover will also receive Heritage versions. By the way, the company promises to release a total of 1966 copies of each model in a limited series, according to the year of the start of production of the Ford Bronco – and this is another hint of respect for the history of the model.