British Defense Minister Ben Wallace confirmed that the United Kingdom plans to send three more M270 MLRS to Ukraine, as well as a “significant” number of missiles for them.

According to Mr. Wallace, Britain is “very satisfied” with the way Ukraine uses missile launchers from partners. According to the minister, the Ukrainian military knows much better what targets should be hit in order to rationally use ammunition. Wallace noted that the transfer of MLRS systems is part of Ukraine’s transition from using old Soviet weapons to more modern weapons from NATO countries.

Even more precision weapons. Great Britain will provide three more M270 MLRS to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We will remind you that Germany recently handed over three MLRS installations MARS II to Ukraine, which are the European counterparts of the American M270 MLRS. That is, together with the new aid package from Great Britain, the Armed Forces will already have 9 M270 with a total of 108 missiles. Plus 12 HIMARS with a volley of 72 rockets.

We hope that “spontaneous” burning of warehouses and bases in the rear of the occupying forces will now occur even more often.

Thank you Great Britain!